Smart City: Oppn flags user-fee trap

In response to a report in The Times of India, “Smart City: Oppn flags user-fee trap,” Feb. 16, 2016. [2]

You may have been wondering when you read that the Kochi Corporation accepted “Free Consulting” from a London based firm for preparing the Smart City proposal (“Smart Cities Project: Kochi to Get UK Support“). Kochi Smart City project is part of a larger program by the Government of India.

Ponder no more! You have the answers now. You will be asked to pay again for the “Smart City” facilities as “user fees.” (If you didn’t have questions about the “free consulting,” it is high time you paid attention to what your elected representatives are doing in your name.)

In an economy there are two types of activities: solution-seeking and extractive (Please see, “Extreme Inequality = Economic Collapse“). In a regenerative economy, “circulation and investment in human capital and solution-seeking leads to systemic vitality and well-being for all.”

Kerala economy consists mainly of extractive activities. Hence the pathetic state of the Kerala economy. Kochi Corporation’s Smart City project is an example of a plan for private capture of public resources.

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