‘Make in India’ tagline is better

In response to an op-ed in The Times of India, “Create in India may be a better bet: What will the fate of Make in India be once robots take over manufacturing?” (Mar. 12, 2016) recommending to change the tagline “Make in India” to “Create in India.”

I don’t think changing the tagline is a good idea. In an economy there are two types of activities: creative (productive) and distributive: “The Financialization of the Economy.” Economic problems in the US are mainly due to excessive share of distributive (financial) activities at the expense of productive activities.

Economists using mathematical and linguistic gymnastics created mass confusion (“Resource page: Financialization and economy“) and succeeded in decimating manufacturing base in the USA and in the U.K. (“Do Trade Agreements Kill Jobs?“.) India should avoid such mistakes and learn from the successes of Japan, China and South Korea.

Until the “Startrek Replicator” [2] technology is invented, manufacturing need to be a critical part of any economy. With current economic institutions and financial systems, activities in the “creative economy” is not a substitute for manufacturing.

Make in India” implies making real goods, hence describes economic priorities better than “Create in India.” This not to discourage creativity, but emphasize the need for a strong manufacturing base.

To be viable, every modern economy requires manufacturing with and without robots.

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