Kerala government structure is outdated

Over the past several decades many theories on management, organization and leadership have evolved and new ones have been developed. However, Kerala government is continuing with a patch work of organizational structures that evolved historically, without any coherent plan or strategy for effective governance.

The Times of India report, “Eco warriors are missing the wood for the trees” (Apr. 3, 2016) is an illustrative example of this problem. “During the last three decades, the state has lost over 41,000 hectares ( 100,000 acres) of its forest cover. The largest parcel of land allotted for non-forestry purposes was in 1995 — revenue department took 28,588 hectares for ‘realization’ (legitimization) of encroachment by sundry settlers that happened before January 1, 1977,” says the report.

This shows the Kerala government does not have any serious plans for nature preservation. In addition, Kerala government organizational structure [2] is outdated and illogical. Why is the “Revenue Dept.” responsible for forest land? It should logically belong to the Forest Dept. And, by the way, the “Revenue Dept.” could use some name change to reflect its true functions.

“KCZMA (Kerala Coastal Zone Management Authority) maintained that though they were aware of violations of CRZ (Coastal Regulation Zone) norms, they have not received any formal complaint in this regard. ‘We can act only if we receive a complaint regarding violations of CRZ norms,’ said senior scientist with ECZMA,” (The Times of India, “Rampant reclamation of wetlands, mangroves,” Apr. 3, 2016).

This means that KCZMA of Kerala government is a joke. What is the use of KCZMA being an “authority” if it cannot take action on illegal activities? Unless there is enforcement, laws are ineffective. Who are they waiting to receive the complaints from? Why should those people make a complaint in the first place? Do they even know that they are supposed to make complaints? How are they qualified to know that there is a problem to make complaints?

It seems the KCZMA setup is a farce aimed at creating an illusion of effort without any real intention to preserve and manage the environment.

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