A new kind of lawyers want a new kind of rights

the right to abuse judges, beat up reporters
By TJ S George – Imagine a robed lawyer barging into an open court room, exhorting his colleagues to support an ongoing boycott campaign against judges, then telling the Bench: “If you have guts, take action against me.” Well, you don’t have to imagine. It actually happened in the Madurai [2, 3] Bench of the Madras High Court [2] not long ago.

In Delhi’s Patiala court compound, the world watched in amazement as lawyers attacked student leaders, policemen and journalists. Senior lawyers appointed by the Supreme Court to look into the matter were also attacked. The violent lawyers were later seen boasting about their violence.

Bangalore [2, 3] still shudders with the memory of lawyers fighting pitched battles against policemen, press reporters and sundry onlookers. A judge was among some 90 people who were injured when the lawyers hurled chairs, smashed vehicles, set a police post on fire, threw water-bottles and bricks and helmets at whoever came within throwing range.

Across Kerala last month, lawyers have been gunning for journalists. There were fisticuffs and shouting of unprintable slogans. Police kept a safe distance. Judges made little effort to assert their overriding powers in court premises, even when the media room in the high court building was locked up under lawyer pressure.

These are unparalleled happenings in the history of India, or any democracy for that matter. more> http://goo.gl/cIf1Kg

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