Ban Bandhs

Parties have a right to protest but bandhs will only pile misery for the common man
Times of India – Political parties certainly have the right to demonstrate and protest peacefully. But this shouldn’t come at the cost of disrupting lives of common people. Parties enforcing bandhs should know that they have no right to come in the way of people who are pursuing their livelihood.

Though the effect of Monday’s (Nov 28) bandh was severe in Kerala and Tripura, parts of Odisha and Bihar, local traders in other states kept their shops open in defiance. The stoppage of a few trains in Bihar is deplorable. Such incidents result in a harrowing time for commuters.

In 1998, the Supreme Court had upheld a Kerala high court ruling banning political bandhs. But the tradition of calling for bandhs continues. If people feel strongly about an issue, they will participate willingly enough in protests. No coercion is required for this.

Bandhs do little except trample upon fundamental rights of citizens. more>


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