Corrupt climate

Black money is only a symptom of the disease of dishonesty
By Jug Suraiya – The real menace is not black money; it is what causes the creation of black money, which is corruption. How do you combat corruption?

Perhaps, our dishonesty is not gene-based but is the result of a social and cultural context in which we see our successive governments as nothing but an extension of colonial rule, thanks to the lordly distance that our netas and our babus put between themselves and us.

We inherited our political system and our bureaucracy from the British, and in exercising its power over aam admi the sarkar is often seen as being as disempowering as any foreign ruler. In which case, subverting the government by corruption might be seen as an extension of the freedom struggle.

To free ourselves from black money we need first to free ourselves from a neo-colonial mindset. A mindset which makes adversaries of the rulers and the ruled, the government and its citizens. more>


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