Resist ban mania

India’s rulers have yet to understand that prohibition deepens rather than solves problems
Times of India – In the absence of good governance, bans can provide an illusion of action even if they make the initial problem worse and create others in its train.

For example, reports suggest that prohibition in Bihar is pushing people towards drug addiction. Unfortunately a climate conducive to populist bans, which does not think through the consequences of radical legislation or judicial decrees, has gripped the country.

One might believe that people should drink less or adopt vegetarian lifestyles. But these ideas should be promoted through persuasive social campaigns rather than through draconian legislation or lynch mobs.

If RSS is serious about cow welfare it should buy unproductive cows from farmers and provide them shelter, using resources mobilised from voluntary donors (not the taxpayer). Even as BJP focuses on other matters more central to people’s welfare. more>

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