Fear and loathing

Can India be prevented from becoming another Pakistan?
By Kanti Bajpai – The biggest challenge facing India is preventing a right wing takeover and stopping the country from becoming a Pakistan. The ambition of the alt right is to make India into a Hindu state, with goons, vigilantes, religious leaders and shadowy para-political organisations serving as shock troops.

In the end, a rightist takeover will occur not through communal violence and brute force but rather by elections and constitutional changes. The constitutional makeover would include establishment of an executive president, declaring India a Hindu state, abridging minority and other rights, giving special political status to Hindu sants, mahants and yogis, tampering with the national flag and abolishing the name India for the country.

The takeover will come after a sustained campaign of micro-level, vigilante-led cultural assaults against minorities and liberals, reminiscent of Russia and Turkey. more> https://goo.gl/uEA8hg

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