India: A nation of bans

Prohibition never achieves intended objectives but inflicts massive collateral damage
By Jaiveer Shergill – “Prohibition did not work even in the Garden of Eden. Adam ate the apple.”

If we look back in history it’s apparent that prohibition, wherever practiced, has created parallel problems while failing to achieve its intended objectives.

Not only are the facts of prohibition misunderstood, it is also misapplied by the government and the judiciary in India. Our nation is now in the forefront of bans, with the government banning anything and everything that goes against its understanding of nationalism and cultural ethos, and the judiciary imposing bans based on its judicial prudence.

From alcohol to TV programmes and social media, bans have been imposed based on the premise that conscience of the general public is disturbed by such things.

The reality is we are curbing democracy and the constitutional rights of citizens with these bans. They are based on the flawed premise that by closing our minds we can resolve a problem. The more the political anxiety surrounding an issue, the more is the propensity to ban. more>

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