Lessons from the ‘Chatur Bania’

Modi government should learn from Gandhi who never believed he had all the answers
By Sagarika Ghose – Today India’s government believes it has all the answers and is the sole repository of knowledge.

Self-doubt does not trouble the Narendra Modi-led dispensation, which firmly believes that it (and only it) knows what’s good for the people and, rather like Indira Gandhi’s sterilization program, the people have to simply be herded and goaded into obeying the mai-baap sarkar’s wishes.

Any questioning or disagreement is either plain wrong or agenda-driven or equivalent to treason.

On Aadhaar card too, Centre has made an ally of the courts to push its diktat that Aadhaar is a must while filing income tax returns. But was Aadhaar ever meant to be an instrument of fear or a device to dominate citizens’ lives? No, the limited aim of Aadhaar was simply to ensure better delivery for welfare schemes, not to be a regulator or inspector or a vehicle of surrendering private information.

The fact that Aadhaar amendments were pushed through as a money bill to avoid any discussion in Rajya Sabha shows that government had already made up its mind, was in no mood to listen or introspect or if need be change course. Like the religious fanatic who lives by absolute certainties, this government believes its knowledge is absolute. more> https://goo.gl/rvA9qD

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