For 15 yrs, Kochi corp has been taking you for an audit ride

The Times of India report, “For 15 yrs, corp has been taking you for an audit ride,” (Mar. 3, 2016) is astounding! The report says, “Showing an absolute lack of transparency or accountability for public money, the civic body (Kochi Corporation) has failed to submit proper revenue and expenditure statements for audit since 2000.” Curiously, … Continue reading “For 15 yrs, Kochi corp has been taking you for an audit ride”

‘Slow mover’ Kochi faults survey

In response to a report in The Times of India, “‘Slow mover’ Kochi faults survey,” Feb. 18, 2016. [2] — A senior Kochi Corporation official was reported as saying, “.. we received just 210 out of 400 marks for waste collection and 60 out of 200 for processing and disposal of waste. It is to … Continue reading “‘Slow mover’ Kochi faults survey”

Waste management

@CMOKerala Why waste management programs do not succeed #KERALAimprovement — Kerala Insider (@KeralaInsider) November 5, 2017 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Lately, lot of attention is being devoted to clean India. However, the various programs suffer from a serious flaw. Not enough is being done to build cohesive systems for waste management. Instead, the … Continue reading “Waste management”

An example of government inefficiency

The Times of India report, “Oppn gheraos mayor, alleges docu forgery” (Aug 26, 2016), illustrates the lack of common sense and petty mindset of the elected officials in the Kochi Corporation, and provides operation details of a “Red Tape paradise.” The report says, “The LDF councilors led by opposition leader K J Anthony gherooed Kochi … Continue reading “An example of government inefficiency”

A power grid gridlock

The Times of India report, “City stands to lose central funding for power project,” (Aug 15, 2016), reveals critical skills deficits in Kerala for project implementation. According to the report, “The delay in executing the Rs 240 crore ($36m) ring main project is likely to cost Kochi a central assistance of nearly Rs 94 crore. … Continue reading “A power grid gridlock”

Waste and garbage are intrinsic part of consumer economy

The Times of India report, “Corp plans to privatize waste disposal” (Aug 1, 2016), exposes lack of basic understanding of the role of government by Kochi Corporation. The report says, “The corporation’s garbage removal system in the Fort Kochi area is pathetic. Fort Kochi [2, 3, 4, 5] is a big part of the tourism … Continue reading “Waste and garbage are intrinsic part of consumer economy”

A government lacking purpose

The Times of India report, “Energy plant: Corp exudes optimism” (Jul 16, 2016), provides an illustration for an “overdeveloped government for an undeveloped economy.” Your report says, “Even though the minister for local administration K T Jaleel made it clear that the Rs 296-crore ($44.4m) waste-to-energy project to come up at Brahmapuram [2, 3] will … Continue reading “A government lacking purpose”

A development shell game

The Times of India feature, “KSUDP short of Rs 750cr ($112.5m) to meet targets” (June 30, 2016), shines light on the sorry state of development projects in Kerala. The projects were launched in 2007 with deadline set in 2012, were extended twice and the final closing data was fixed on June 30, 2016. According to … Continue reading “A development shell game”

A failed local government?

The Times of India report, “Kochi corp’s big billboard scam: Only 911 have permits” (June 22, 2016), is proof that the Kochi corp. is an example of a failed local government. Even a casual visitor will notice that both sides of all the roads in Kochi are filled with billboards of all sizes, shapes and … Continue reading “A failed local government?”

Smart City: Oppn flags user-fee trap

In response to a report in The Times of India, “Smart City: Oppn flags user-fee trap,” Feb. 16, 2016. [2] — You may have been wondering when you read that the Kochi Corporation accepted “Free Consulting” from a London based firm for preparing the Smart City proposal (“Smart Cities Project: Kochi to Get UK Support“). … Continue reading “Smart City: Oppn flags user-fee trap”